Our Season Favourite - Hibiscus Glow

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Hydrate  With SYK Tisanes

Hydrate With SYK Tisanes

Hydrate yourself with SYK this summer ! Let your water infuse you with health and nutrients .
How SYK benefited my body & mind

How SYK benefited my body & mind

Years of brewing my own concoctions of healthy infusions…Discovering and experiencing the magic of these brews…Sharing endless cups of warm Tisane...
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Sleep easy after a tired day at work relaxes me totally and puts my body to rest .....loved it.

Shilpa Vij, GURGAON

Organically grown ingredients, lovely packaging, and refreshing taste. What more do you want? Yes, there is choice too. Does it sound like product advertising? Honestly, I have tried a few, all excellent!

Bhagya Konwar, DUBAI

I think I like them all but my favourite is immunity boost. If your looking to gift something for your loved ones and friends for Christmas and New year then Sue‘s Yogi Kettle makes a perfect gift.