Hydrate With SYK Tisanes

Hydrate Right, Hydrate Better!

Whether you’re a yoga fiend, a pilates junkie, a wanderlust runner or just someone who needs a regular fitness fix, then hydration is even more important for you than for other people! In fact, proper hydration aids weight loss, balances electrolytes and maintains body temperature when you work out. When we at SYK did a closed group research, the first thing we were told was that consuming as much water as one loses is very tough and the loss can be up to more than a litre per hour depending upon the type of exercise. Hydration isn’t just for post workout, its important before, during and after a workout. Which is where we come in, here’s how you can easily replenish your fluids whether you’re braving a hot day or working out regularly.


  • Eat Right: consume water heavy fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, melon and watermelon
  • Switch Up: don’t consume just water, infuse the water with SYK Tisanes which can brewed both hot and cold and add essential nutrients to your intake.
  • Avoid Juices: whether you have fresh juices or packaged juices, both are loaded with sugars, especially packaged juices which are most often made with concentrates.
  • Go easy on Sports Drinks: most sports drinks are loaded with sodium, sugars and additives which are may not always be a healthy choice.


Here’s what we suggest


  • Post Workout: This refreshing Tisane helps fight inflammation and swelling, cuts down on joint and muscle pain, replenishes the body with essential electrolytes, help it build strong muscles, nudge the body towards burning fat, and help us feel amazing even when we’re totally exhausted after our workout.

(Ingredients– Rooibos, Dandelion, Raspberry leaf, Clove, Cinnamon, Vanilla)


  • Tummy Tamer: The soothing and tasty herbs in this infusion are commonly used to support good digestion and general stomach health. This gentle blend makes a wonderful beverage to sip after a large meal to prevent bloating and uneasiness.

(Ingredients - Fennel, Ginger, Dandelion, Spearmint)


  • Super Cleanse: Exposure to everyday environmental stresses challenges your body. Our Tisane helps you combat the wear and tear from pollutants. The carefully chosen botanicals which make up this restorative cleansing blend, help to support your daily well-being, digestive health and clean your system naturally.

(Ingredients– Lemon Grass, Basil, Dandelion, Nettle)


How To:

Brew the Tisane of your choice as per instructions, to consume, cold, steep overnight, strain and chill . Check out our accessories for a Sports Bottle Infuser and carry your cold brew tisane with you to work, to the gym and in your car ! Make your water work for you!

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