How SYK benefited my body & mind

Years of brewing my own concoctions of healthy infusions…Discovering and experiencing the magic of these brews…Sharing endless cups of warm Tisane with loved ones…and now sharing the joys of nature’s secrets with you - that is a nutshell is the journey of Sue's Yogi kettle.

What started out as a personal discovery of the healing magic of nature's goodness, at a time when I needed it most to heal my own body soon become a lifestyle choice for me. What was intended to be only a healing tonic for some time eventually has become my everyday cup of comfort and health. My own CUP OF BOLD!

All my brews are hand crafted with the purest spices from the bounties of South India, the freshest herbs from Oregon and the Himalayan foothills.  Blending till it was just right was an obsession with me, leading to the creation of SYK herbal infusions also known as TISANE. I'm proud to state that Tisanes by SYK are nutrient dense infusions with natural organic ingredients and health benefits derived only from nature. Only the best for my own body and by extension for you who have chosen to try us out.

My quest for a more energised and healthier life fuels my dedication to blending unique Tisanes that I know you will love.

So often people ask me what my favourite tisane is? How can I pick just one when each serves its own purpose and is dependant on many things - my mood, the season, my body's requirement or even just the company!!

My current favourite is Post Workout. It's the answer to my new found love - long distance cycling. Come back again to read about my journey there...


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