Our Story

A big thank you for being on my page. I wanted to give you a little introduction about myself. A Mom of 2 and a committed health and fitness enthusiast ,I believe in living a wholesome, rounded life, as close to nature as possible. I've always been fascinated by alchemy and the effects of various herbs and flowers and leaves and their innate interactions with each other. From as long ago as I can remember, I've been picking up different herbs, identifying them not only by their names and known effects but also by my intuition on what goes well together. What started as a passionate hobby, soon turned into a more serious vocation. I studied and followed the world renowned Rosemary Gladster and then there was no looking back. Sue's Yogi Kettle, my mind's child, was born. I hope it brings peace and wellbeing to as many lives as it touches. SYK started with 3 blends ( Sleep easy, Ananda and Glow Kettle) and every so often I'm adding new potions to my kettle of brews.

 Tune in and read more about how Tisanes can help you lead a mindful, healthy and better life. 


Much love always!

Sujaya Mohan Walia